How is your AC running in these hot temps? Advice from Donley

Mike Donley of Donley Service Centers, a former BBB Ethics Award winner with a current A+ rating has this to say about the current AC issues of homeowners: Lots of people are concerned about how long their a/c is running … Continue reading

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Staffing Services Save Small Businesses Money

All businesses experience employee turnover. But small businesses are hit especially hard by high turnover because it forces them to pay the high cost of hiring—again. The cost just to hire and screen an employee can be as high as … Continue reading

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Tax Credit, Save Money in home with Solar Water Heating System

Did you know you can get a tax credit and save money in your home with a solar water heating system? This is one of the most popular services Donley Services is offering right now. Donley Service Centers can show … Continue reading

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