B-12 shots great for stress, diets, headaches and even sleep disorders

logoDid you know B-12 shots can help you feel less stress plus, help you with dieting, headaches and sleep disorders?

  • B-12 is a vitamin that is vital to all our metabolic functions
    It is extremely beneficial in stress management, improves concentration and memory.
    It naturally supports your body’s metabolism by using fat and carbohydrates for energy.
    It aids in the production of new protein.
    B-12 is also beneficial for weight loss, sleep disorders, fatigue, asthma and migraine headaches.
    B-12 strengthens the capillaries of the body and skin, making it beneficial for skin conditions.
    Many things in our environment and lifestyles deplete this vitamin from our bodies. Vitamin B12 can be difficult to be absorbed through oral supplementation and the standard American diet does not always deliver all that we need. B12 intramuscular injections are quick, easy and a relatively painless way of getting it into the body ensuring good bioavailability.

Derma Health Institute announces a B-12 Special Event in April, just before Tax Day on Monday, April 13th (10am-5pm).  All Day at All Clinics you can Walk-in for a shot (Chandler , Mesa and Ahwatukee locations)

Get B-12 shot for $15 or buy a package of 12 shots for $10 each.

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