Did your auto repair shop close down?

community tire az

community tire az


Community Tire & Automotive Service Specialists are opening their shops to drivers who have warranties or contracts with local auto shops that have closed in the past year. More than 50 independent auto shops in Arizona have shut their doors due to the slow economy, stranding drivers with broken down cars, empty wallets and added stress. Community Tire & Automotive is stepping up to help and wants to ensure those drivers are able to receive the full value of their warranties.

In 2000, the average annual cost for vehicle repairs was $6,880. Since most warranties will cover these routine costs, it is important for drivers to take advantage of this opportunity to use their warranties. In a time where every cent counts, spending extra money on car repair is a choice most people cannot afford.

“We understand the burden on your job and family when a car is not running right,” said Howard Fleischmann, owner of Community Tire & Auto Service. “By welcoming these car owners and honoring their warranties we are hoping to make the lives of everyone in the community a little easier during this financially slow economy.”

If a problem occurs with a vehicle that may be covered under warranty from any closed shop, bring the paperwork to one of the Community Tire & Auto Service locations and the warranty guidelines will be discussed with the owner to find a reasonable solution for costs and parts.

Community Tire & Auto Services Specialists have been part of the community since 1992. The family owned company has grown to seven locations over 17 years in the business and has developed a reputation of providing the highest level of honest and professional service. The Community Tire & Automotive Service Specialists continue to be involved in the community by supporting local business and encouraging all management personnel to be involved in community activities. Mr. Fleischmann believes that customer service is not just an over used tag line or promise it is their goal to exceed every client’s expectations each and every time they visit a shop. Community Tire was awarded the Greater Phoenix Chamber Small Business of the Year Impact Award, plus the Spirit of Enterprise Award from ASU School of business in 2008. This follows the Better Business Bureau Ethics finalist award in 2007. For more information please visit www.communitytireaz.com.


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