Popular hCG Diet Safe Only When Medically Supervised

(Phoenix, AZ) – The hCG Ultimate Fat Burning Diet has received significant publicity based on impressive weight-loss results. However, this diet is extremely sensitive and must be monitored by a medical professional to assure desired results are achieved.

“Many unqualified businesses and on-line companies have recently advertised their version of the hCG diet,” said Dr. Ann Watwood, Medical Director at Derma Health Institute of Ahwatukee. “It’s important for consumers to realize this is a specialized program that requires the close supervision of a doctor. At Derma Health Institute, patients are seen weekly to ensure they’re achieving a positive outcome without medical complications.”

The Ultimate Fat Burning Diet involves the hormone hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, to assist in weight loss. This natural hormone is found in both men and women and increases significantly during the early stages of pregnancy. Clinically, it has been shown that using this hormone in combination with a very specific low calorie diet will stimulate the body to mobilize and burn extra fat cells for energy.

When administered properly, patients can see a weight loss average of 10-25 pounds over the three week hCG program. When used incorrectly, consumers reported feeling faint and weak, dizziness, extreme hunger attributed to improper hormone administration and no weight loss at all.

“This type of extreme diet can be dangerous if a patient is not correctly monitored,” Watwood added. “At Derma Health Institute, blood samples are taken before the diet begins to confirm there are no underlying health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism or issues with kidneys or liver that could adversely affect the patients overall health. Patients are then monitored by physicians in weekly meeting to ensure that there are no complications that could affect their health or success on the diet.”

Consumers need to remember it’s illegal to purchase any drug without a prescription from a licensed practitioner and medications sold in other countries are not held to the same safety standards of those sold in the United States. Therefore, there is nothing in place to confirm a substance ordered on-line is really hCG.

For more information on the hCG diet contact Derma Health Institute at (480) 539-0777 Mesa/Gilbert, (480) 730-9000 Chandler/Tempe, (480) 460-1505 Ahwatukee/Phoenix or (480) 991-7900 Paradise Valley/Scottsdale, or go to www.dhiskin.com.

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