How Services Work

Wall to Wall Traditional and New Media Coverage

I work daily to get you press via traditional media (TV segments, print, talk radio) and new media (Twitter, blogs, Facebook) using my contacts, network and proven methods.

You and I will talk weekly to work on new ideas — PR is about crafting a story. The more you tell me about your business and what’s happening, the more likely I am to be able to get you PR.

Anytime an opportunity arises, we work together to make an impact with a quick, concise response. 

Once a month, I give you a report of what I’ve done and achieved.

What Does It Cost?

The Media Push prides itself on affordable, competitive pricing for small businesses below the local average. An initial agreement will require a three-month commitment and you should have a budget of at least $3,000 per month for PR. The Media Push is able to keep costs low due to eliminating overhead, giving personalized service and avoiding expensive distribution lists in lieu of personal contacts.

What’s Required of You?

(Photo, left to right: Howard Fleischmann of Community Tire Pros, Charlotte Shaff of the Media Push and Nadine Grobmeier of Airpark Auto Services at the Better Business Bureau Ethics Awards, 2009.)

Anytime an opportunity arises, we work together to make an impact with a quick, concise response. 

The best results are when you’re involved- we preThe best results are when you’re involved- we prefer to work directly with the owner/director of your business. We’re not only working every day to find the stories to promote you but train you to recognize them yourself.

The most important action you can take is to respond- when the press wants you, they wait for no one. They’ll move on to the next opportunity, so my clients take responsibility for responding quickly when a chance for exposure arises.

We know all the tools reqe know all the tools required for you to be successful through PR, and we are happy to offer them as part of our service package. We have curated our network over 20 years of upstanding, reliable affordable experts- and The Media Push is always available and accountable to clients – no matter how large or small.

  • Media Coaching
  • Product Photography, Profile Pics, Business Images
  • Marketing Plans
  • Graphics
  • Interactive Services (website, SEO)
  • Crisis PR Services
  • Printing
  • Videography