How Will The Media Push Change Your Business?

We love our clients. Everyone says that, but our clients feel like family. We’re proud of how we’ve changed their businesses, and how their businesses have changed us. Here some of their stories about how we’ve worked together.

“We are now considered experts in the field by the media”

How The Media Push Changed Driving MBA

Driving MBA has groundbreaking tech to give an edge to anyone learning to drive, and a wealth of practical advice about driving in Arizona, but they didn’t have an audience. To increase enrollment, The Media Push coached staff to become comfortable talking with the media, and used the interactive visuals of the simulators to gain news attention. We leveraged statistics about the dangers of distracted driving, the rate of teens who get in an accident within the first year of getting their license and red-light runners to help build the expertise of the school. We helped reporters see how Driving MBA’s method kept their graduates safe, but everyone else on the road, too. As a result, Driving MBA soon became the go to expert on driving issues in the Valley with a ton of coverage and increased enrollment.

What Driving MBA Says

Charlotte gets to know you and your business and not only does she do the PR work for you, she becomes one of your best advocates. Now, when reporters need stories about driving, they know to call Charlotte or they call us directly and that has a lot to do with the promotion from the Media Push. Charlotte always has our back and goes above and beyond. She is phenomenal at what she does, it’s not just work for her, it is a passion. She truly cares about each and every one of her clients. She does PR work with her mind and her heart and it shows through her relationships with her clients and with the news people she pitches to.

“We found a new audience”

How The Media Push Changed Visit Mesa

Few industries suffered as much as tourism during the pandemic, but Visit Mesa recognized quickly the need to pivot to a new base of customers. We needed to highlight the jewel that Mesa is to locals in the Valley, stressing staycations and shopping. We emphasized how friendly Mesa is to business, bringing investment. Then we focused on how future forward Mesa is: the first-ever Autism Certified City in the United States, and a city sponsored app that provides assistance for people with visual impairment. We launched “Support Mesa Now”, a campaign focused on the exploding growth in Mesa. We launched well attended media dinners and media tours, so members of the press could actually see what was happening downtown, and meet the local organizations and businesses. As a result, Mesa was the focus of a 2 hour broadcast on 3TV Good Morning Arizona, and was the focus of a slew of blog posts and influencer posts.

What Visit Mesa Says

In the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew we needed a response to the closures that were taking place in Arizona, so we partnered with Charlotte. As visitors left and national and international marketing was put on hold, The Media Push acted quickly with inventive campaigns, and together we found a new audience– our residents and locals. Ultimately, the work didn’t just benefit Mesa, but a number of individual businesses and organizations that call Mesa home. The Media Push conducted media training and helped these businesses develop strategies for promotion.

“I would fire my staff to keep The Media Push on board if needed!! “

How The Media Push Changed Impact Gymnastics

Impact Gymnastics was a brand new gymnastics program that needed brand awareness and name recognition. We were starting fresh, so they needed help with all their media tools: social media, PR, email blasts and news coverage that could highlight their special coaches, amazing athletes and their unique take on coaching gymnastics. The Media Push quickly leveraged our media relationships to establish IMPACT as one the best places to do any sort of live TV shot for summer camps, resulting in tons of coverage. We found unique angles to promote: the ways gymnastics is important for even toddlers, and highlighting the work of the two female co-owners. The results were easy to see. The gym had to expand their programs to accommodate new gymnasts, and new classes were added within the gym. More importantly, they built credibility in the Phoenix market for their gymnastics programs and gained a following on social media to help spread their message.

What Impact Gymnastics Says

We were a new gym looking for ways to generate business. We chose Charlotte because she had worked with another gymnastics facility in the past and did a great job! We were hoping that she would help us bring customers in the door and she GREATLY exceeded our expectations! Charlotte has always promoted us well and has secured many, many TV spots and articles about us. During COVID when we were shut down, we did everything we could to keep her on our team because she is so valuable to us. My family on the East coast hears about things IMPACT is doing because of Charlotte’s amazing work. She is always reaching out to us with new ideas to generate business and revenue. Charlotte is an amazing person whose passion and vision for your business is palpable. I simply adore her and would fire my staff to keep her on board if needed!! I give Charlotte my highest recommendation without reservation. Simply put, she is the BEST!

“Hiring The Media Push was the best decision we made for our organization.”

How The Media Push Changed Project Roots

Project Roots was a new non-profit without recognition. They needed social media and news media awareness of their nonprofit and the important work they were doing in Phoenix. The Media Push built Project Roots’ social media presence with authentic posts sharing volunteer opportunities, farmers markets and their work to help feed the hungry, along with spotlighting Bridget Pettis’ move during the pandemic to completely shift her focus from the WNBA as a coach to making a change in Phoenix through her nonprofit. A raving fan following on social media resulted, and an expansion for the nonprofit to offer yoga, kids gardening, CSA boxes, among numerous awards, recognition and notability in Phoenix and with the national media.

What Project Roots Says

The issue was that we were new and no one knew about our nonprofit. We knew Charlotte could help us spread the word and she did so and more. The Media Push helped us so much that we are now nationally known, we have won local awards and we have received an overwhelming response of support from the communities we serve. Charlotte is well connected. She has a wonderful reputation in the PR world. She is very consistent and knows how to properly brand your business. Hiring The Media Push was the best decision we made for our organization.

“We always got our money’s worth and never considered backing away.”

How The Media Push Changed Community Tire Pros

Community Tire Pros is a group of truly community-minded Phoenix owned tire and auto repair shops who needed an edge in the tire industry. More people to know how important it was to consider a locally owned biz that was family-owned, and how these shops were invested in Phoenix, supporting LGBTQ groups, single moms, pet shelters and more. The Media Push worked to ensure that if there was an auto repair or car maintenance story to be had, Howard Fleischman would be the authority the news went to. This created a relationship and trust in Community Tire Pros in the community. The benefits for the shops included increased awareness and credibility, routine Sunday segments on 3TV for almost a decade and a platform to help them build national recognition in the tire industry, such as Top Shop accolades. But more importantly to the shops, it also translated to greater awareness and resources for the community causes they cared about.

What Community Tire Pros Says

We had a desire to expose our company to a larger group of customers that would appreciate the way we did business, we did it differently than most of our competitors. Charlotte had produced campaigns for some of our members- we saw those results firsthand. Media Push took the time to understand who we were and what our goals were both short-term and long-term. Yes, sales did increase but more importantly the new exposure helped our current clients understand us better and become even more passionate about doing business with us. We believe in giving back to our communities, and we were able to attract a lot of media attention with the message “helping others helps you”. We always got our money’s worth and never considered backing away from keeping our message in front of everyone we could. What I like best about Charlotte is that if she did not feel she could help a business, she would turn down the money. The Media Push has true integrity.