Black Friday Typically Busiest Day for Donley Plumbing

It’s Not Just Stores Preparing For Post-Thanksgiving Rush

Black Friday Typically Busiest Day For Valley Plumbing Company

(PHOENIX)– Like many of us, the employees at family-owned Donley Service Center have their Thanksgiving traditions. While you may be planning for extra seats at the kitchen table, Donley technicians are preparing for extra calls for service.

The holiday typically generates double, sometimes triple, the calls from customers facing clogged drains, overworked toilets and maxed out garbage disposals.

“If you’re hosting a family feast you may want to have your drains and plumbing checked before Thanksgiving,” says Company President Mike Donley. “At the very least, you should know the location of your main water shut off to avoid more damage while a professional is called.”

To avoid holiday headaches, Donley offers the following advice:

Think before you toss

  • Don’t treat your disposal like a trash can. Instead throw leftovers in garbage or compost pile.
  • Avoid putting starchy, stringy and fibrous waste into the disposal. Potato peels, celery and turkey skin don’t sufficiently break down.

Feed the disposal slowly

  • Turn it on before you toss in scraps. And, do it gradually to avoid overloading the disposal.

Keep water running

  • Run water both during and after using your disposal.
  • If you think there’s a problem with your disposal avoid using the dishwasher because it discharges into the disposal.

Watch the grease

  • Avoid pouring cooking oil and fat down the drain.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe off greasy pans before placing them in sink.
  • Use strainers to keep gunk from going down your drain

Bathroom etiquette

  • Never flush food down the toilet.
  • Never flush cotton balls and swabs because they don’t dissolve.
  • Waiting 10-15 minutes between showers can give slow drains time to do their jobs.
  • Test your toilet for leaks by pouring a few drops of food coloring into the tank. Wait overnight. If the color appears in the bowl the next morning you probably need to replace the flush valve.

About Donley Service Center

Jim and Mike Donley and their employees have been providing honest, caring service to Arizonans since 1976. Family-owned Donley Service Center has twice been honored with the Better Business Bureau’s Ethics Award. Donley technicians receive ongoing training to provide the most comprehensive service for air conditioning, plumbing, heating, sewer repair, maintenance management and solar hot water.