Brrrr…Valley Expert Offers Advice To Save Money, Energy

(PHOENIX) – With our daily highs in the 60’s and our lows dipping into the 40’s, our heaters are getting a workout. To keep you comfortable and save you money, the experts at family-owned Donley Service Center are sharing their top requests for service and what you can do before calling for professional help.

Male Plumber Working On Central Heating Boiler
Male Plumber Working On Central Heating Boiler

You turned on the heater and cold air (or no air) came out.

  • In Arizona we typically have two types of heating systems: traditional gas furnaces and all electric heat pumps.
  • With a heat pump, give it a few minutes to warm up. And, remember to ‘Set It and Forget It’ rather than changing the temp or turning it off and on.
  • If your heat pump is not blowing any air, you may have lost power to the system. First, check the circuit breaker and reset it. If after 10 minutes, it doesn’t come back on, check the fused disconnect switch at the outdoor unit. Look for discolored fuses. If you find some take them to the hardware store to buy replacements.
  • For gas furnaces, it’s best to call a professional.

Why does my heat pump sometimes blow cold air on cold nights or early mornings?

  • Frost or ice can build up on the outside coil of a heat pump. This is normal and pumps go into their prescribed defrost cycle.
  • During the cycle your heat pump may make a different sound or you may see steam or water draining from the unit. This is normal and will last only a few minutes.
  • Do not turn off the thermostat.

Do I have to change the filter every month?

  • During the summer we recommend changing or cleaning the filter every month but you can do it every other month during the winter.

Money Saving Energy Tips

  • Let the sunshine in -remove sunscreens, open window blinds and curtains to bring in heat.
  • Think in reverse- set your ceiling fan to run counterclockwise which will help circulate warm air around the room.
  • Show off sweaters and blankets- it makes no sense to keep your thermostat so high that you’re dressed for summer weather inside your home.
  • Set it and forget it –local utilities recommend setting your thermostat at 68 degrees during the winter, but for every degree lower you can save 2-3% on your bills.
  • Limit fans – bathroom exhausts, stove vent fans and clothes dryers can remove the warm air your heater produces and cost you money. Avoid during coldest parts of day.
  • Add a little humidity- since moist air holds heat, using a humidifier may increase your comfort level and allow you to lower your thermostat setting.
  • Don’t forget to clean – while filters should be cleaned monthly during the summer months, you can get away with every other month during cooler season.

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