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Vote and Stimulate the Economy!

Media Push Clients Pushing Valley Consumers to Vote and Shop on Election Day A group of Valley small business owners are banding together to ask consumers to vote while helping to stimulate the economy by buying on Election Day. Clients … Continue reading

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PR is not enough

A challenge I have when explaining the benefits of PR is that it is not easy to explain. PR is not a very tangible type of service. The only way to understand its power is to use it in conjunction … Continue reading

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How am I doing?

If you own a business, you know that the value of word of mouth is priceless.  What your clients share and pass on to others can build your business and reputation. I have some clients who are afraid at first to ask … Continue reading

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Welcome to my web…

HI! My name is Charlotte Risch and I own The Media Push, a small, independant PR practice in Phoenix, AZ. I have so many fabulous clients and so much to say about them that doesn’t get picked up by the … Continue reading

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