How am I doing?

If you own a business, you know that the value of word of mouth is priceless.  What your clients share and pass on to others can build your business and reputation. I have some clients who are afraid at first to ask their best customers to write a testimonial or refer them to others. But it is absolutely essential and important to do this not only for biz, but for your marketing and website material. If you don’t have a testimonial page on your website or don’t include quotes from customers in pamplets or flyers, you are missing out.  So, today, I ask that you shoot an email or request recommendations on your LinkedIn profile of some of those key people in your life. One way is to ask them to explain in a short paragraph what was the problem, how did you solve it and how has it improved or changed that person’s situation. Not only will it be great material for your marketing efforts, it will also give you a nice little ego boost.  Return the favor, too…or out of the blue send a handwritten Thank You to a person or business that you really enjoyed or had a memorable experience at.  The positive vibes and words go a long way. 
Not sure how to go about asking for a testimonial? Here’s a great article that gives great tips about timing and tactfulness.