NARPRO is lending a hand to drivers and indie repair shops

NARPRO (Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals Network) is a group that is leading the way when it comes to lending a hand to independent, family owned auto repair shops and helping drivers find a mechanic they can trust for life. NARPRO is already a proven success in Phoenix, AZ and is taking this concept nationwide in the coming months.
Now that many people are holding on to their cars to save money, they need to find quality, reliable auto repair near their home or work. A survey by Consumers Reports shows that owners significantly prefer independent shops to the dealerships. Auto repair shops perform an estimated 70 percent of repairs for out-of-warranty vehicles, according to the Automotive Service Association (ASA). How can NARPRO help them?

NARPRO (Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals Network) is looking to change the image of auto repair across the U.S. through an original, one-of-a-kind network of high quality, high integrity shops. The concept will launch in 2011. The network’s website, is simply the easiest way to help good people find good mechanics.
“We launched NARPRO because we saw a need for reliable, quality auto repair and knew there were a lot of smaller, independent shops who didn’t have the opportunities to promote themselves like the big chains,” said Alan Tarr, NARPRO’s Executive Director. “The auto repair industry can always improve its impression on consumers and we believe that by supporting local shops, keeping money in our communities and offering the value of a trusted mechanic is how we will do it.”
There are no comparable networks like NARPRO in the United States. This is because each shop must be hand-selected and evaluatedwith 26 stringent tests designed to eliminate the less qualified operators. There is no way for a shop to buy a place in the network. If they aren’t up to snuff, they aren’t in NARPRO.
For potential franchisees, the NARPRO model offers a bevy of benefits – one of which is the reasonable cost of the franchises (70 of the 75 territories have investments of $80,000 or less).
A true Recurring Revenue business
Low overhead
Large, Exclusive Territories.
No inventory and minimal equipment required.
Unparalleled Support
Launched in 2004 in Phoenix, AZ, the NARPRO network started with four local repair facilities; today, the association represents 30independent Valley shops (about 2.7% of the market). In the past five years more than 93,000 users visited and some 14,500 happy car owners found a mechanic they can trust in the Valley. Customer response for NARPRO mechanics has been an impressive 98% satisfaction rate. Now, this successful model is ready to be franchised.
When a NARPRO franchise starts up, repair shops will be hand-picked by the Franchisee who will evaluate potential members on such things as certification and experience, BBB rating, facility appearance and cleanliness, credit rating, and the satisfaction of their customers. Customer response for NARPRO mechanics has been an impressive 98% satisfaction rate. The long-term goal is to enroll the 6000 best shops in America as NARPRO members. .
“Unlike other associations, you can’t just join or sign up to be a part of NARPRO,” said Jay Jennings, GM of NARPRO. “The franchiseein each city will go to great lengths to ensure that recommended repair professionals practice good business and have high customer satisfaction.”
NARPRO – “The Easiest Way to Find an Honest Mechanic”. For more information, contact Jay Jennings at NARPRO, LLC 1501 W Fountainhead Pkwy; Suite 501, Tempe, AZ 85282. Call 888-627-7769 or email: