Red Means Stop Scholarship for Teen Drivers

The Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance announces their Novice Teen Driver Scholarship Program for 2015.  The program was developed by Red Means Stop and the nationally acclaimed DrivingMBA of Scottsdale, Arizona.  DrivingMBA utilizes a unique combination of classroom instruction, simulation labs, and on-road instruction.  The school also provides a class for parents to be better prepared for the practice that is necessary to become a safe and responsible driver.

Red Means Stop, a grassroots 501c(3) organization founded in Arizona continues to advocate for better training and education, especially for new teen drivers. “If we expect our children to grow into safe drivers when they reach adulthood, neglecting the basics as teens is a huge mistake. Many of today’s adults never faced the challenges our teens currently face on the road. Traffic conditions are far worse and the distractions are greater than ever before. We owe it to the next generation to be prepared and the best way to do that is by arming these young drivers with the best skills possible to help save their lives” said Barbara Hoffman, Executive Director of Red Means Stop.

“The simulators really teach you to pay attention to your surroundings and to look ahead and be prepared” said Cameron Jordan a graduate of a past program.  Tammy Messmer, the mother of another scholarship recipient stated “I’m a single Mom and knowing that this opportunity was available for my daughter made me feel better about her driving”.

This scholarship is offered to teens whose families might not otherwise be able to afford the unique, thirty-five hour training program. This year’s driver training program is being funded in part by grants and donations from the State Farm Insurance Company and the Thunderbird Charities.

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These scholarships are specifically earmarked for, and will be awarded to families who demonstrate an economic hardship and cannot afford driver training for their student.

In order to be considered for a Red Means Stop (RMS) driver training scholarship the student must be eligible for their learners permit within a 3 month window (student must reach the age of 15 years and 6 months within 3 months of receiving the request for application)

About Red Means Stop

In January 1999, three families who incurred the consequences of red light runners founded the Red Means Stop Coalition. The Red Means StopCoalition is the only known grassroots organization of its kind in the United States with a long-term goal of having the message about the dangers and consequences of red light running spread throughout the country. The Red Means Stop Coalition has been featured on numerous national television programs, including the NBC Nightly News, ABC World News Tonight and Good Morning America. To learn more about RMS, visit their website at